My name is John Dunbar. I am a student, software developer, airplane enthusiast, and soon to be father. I am currently emplyed as a cobol developer at Curry Adkins.

In my free time I enjoy learning new programming languages. I am curently experimenting with Javascipt functions and PHP. Just recently, I finished a Java program the reads an image pixel by pixel. Then, it creates a new image composed of numbers which vary according to the RGB value of the pixel they replace. The result is an image file full of lines of numbers. When you zoom out, the original image apppears.

I have also written an Andrid application called Grade Tracker. Grade Tracker is designed to help students monitor their grades more closely by allowing them to input scores into the database as soon as they are received. The application displays scores for each class and the assignments for each class. It uses these scores to calculate and disaplay cumulative GPA on the main page.


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